Stratum helvetisch

The Swiss Alps are natural works of art. Their mighty splendor captivates you from the first moment you lay your eyes on them. And the excitement is likely to grow when you look down into their depths. It is there that the forces which have shaped our mountains, and continue shaping them, become visible. Because rock is no dead matter. It has always been in motion and is very much alive today. The slow, steady process of Alpine folding produces a fantastic multitude of layers that gives our landscape – and hence our varied culture – its lasting character.


The miracle of how the Alps have been folded and the diversity of their layers are the central themes of helvetisch’s STRATUM collection. Like the mountains, it requires enormous forces, as well as a great amount of time and, not least of all, world-class craftsmanship, to form. If it all comes together, each member of the STRATUM family, from dining room or conference room table to counter and coffee table, becomes a unique piece that is honest, layer for layer, and that is sure to leave no one unmoved.


Would you like to know more about helvetisch STRATUM and our other works – about materials, dimensions and possibilities? Feel free to ask us.

STRATUM Konsole German Design Award Special 2019

The helvetisch "STRATUM" table won the German Design Award 2019 in the category "Furniture Design" from over 5,400 submissions. The jury underlines the impressively tight bending radii and the storytelling of the Swiss design label helvetisch.